So, as you can tell The Girlfriend is animating me. This has become her current adorable obsession–adorable because, you know, it is all about me. I should give her more credit than that. She is funny and crafty and put this whole thing together. All I have to do is write.

But I would like to say a few things about my animation series.

1. The series is not a portrayal of my theological treatise. However, they are based on grains of truth.
2. I am not as frighteningly thin as the animated Dutchie.
3. The animations to soon be uploaded are The Girlfriend’s portrayal of my relationships with various friends and family members–and they are only loosely based on truth. Frankly, Dutchie lives a more exciting and funny life.
4. These animations are for entertainment purposes only.

Thank you, and enjoy!

Amazing Grace ©