I grew up thinking I had awful hair. This, in addition most likely to having a crisis over my sexual orientation, is why I kept it so short for so many years. Then, I met Tonya and you can find her salon here. Tonya is my Hair Savior. She was patient. She was kind. After a long period of time she got me to grow it out. I started using good shampoo. I started realizing it makes a difference. I started realizing I deserved it. I started realizing that indeed I do have good hair.

In discussing with Tonya the gem she is, it became clear to me that her ministry is all about helping people fall in love with their hair for the first time. So many of us hate our hair, or at least women. And as Tonya said: “can you imagine those of us that are black–how much we have to learn to love our hair.” Tonya is there to help all of us love our hair, across all boundaries.

Lately I have been in the poor house and when in the poor house the good shampoo goes out the window. I got this shampoo the other day and when I got home read the label: “for dull and lifeless hair.” How sad is that. You can bet your bottom that Jesus doesn’t think I have dull and lifeless hair.