So, this is the thing. Girlfriend made this blog for me because she thought it would be a good place to get my thoughts out. And she thinks I am funny (or I would like to think she does) and in a humorous yet serious light she accurately thinks that I could reach people through this blog, more than the 5 or so people a Sunday I preach for.

God bless those 5 or so people.

The thing, though, is this: I am not funny. Or, at least not in writing. You have read the funny stories I have and there are not many of them.

Many of my stories indeed begin this way: Once, when I was a kid, I had an ice cream cone. And then end in the next sentence like this: And it dripped all over me.

Girlfriend is actually really funny. And she is a designer. And she loves to play with words. I never could have come up with “Pastorized.” This is part of what I love about her, the woman is damn creative and thinks shit up that never in a million years would I think.

My lack of writing isn’t due to lacking of things to write about. I think about lots of things, all the time, way too much, actually. I have lots of theological musings to discuss. So, I am going to start writing, and stop waiting for the funny to come. I am sure it will come, just not all the time.

Hope that’s okay with you.