Today I would like to ask prayers for:

the man who walked into the bank with his designer dog, took no fewer than 10 milk bones out of the free-milk -bone basket, stuffed them in his pocket, refused to give them to his begging dog, and walked right out of the bank without appearing to be at all shameful;

the gentleman with whom I lunched in a fancy restaurant the other day who requested that our bread be wrapped up for breakfast the next morning, and then left a horrible tip (supplemented with a few extra dollars I was able to put on the table without him noticing);

the elderly man on the bus, which was full of kids, who in getting off the bus muttered: god damn kids. They are good for nothing these days.

May the piece of us that doesn’t believe there is enough out there, or that lives our lives seeking freebies, or who thinks that any part of Your Creation is “good for nothing,” be quieted and put to peace.