So, the reality is that I haven’t played my fiddle in quite some time. I had an annoying ankle injury last year (that still hurts off and on) that zapped all my money and much of my time and energy. As this was happening I was falling in love.

I suppose projects fall to the wayside when other things you have been praying for emerge into your life.

But I miss it. I miss the ways that fiddling challenges me. While my teacher thinks that I am a great student, that it comes easily to me…I know how much better I can be and so my brain gets all muddled up at times. Frustrated. Lacking patience. Lacking faith.

The other night I went to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops, one of my favorite old-time/bluegrass/country/etc. groups. They. Were. Phenomenal. This song that I want to share with you was played that night, and I forgot how when I first heard it for the first time it captured my imagination. I have been listening non-stop to it now, on a loop on my ipod and in my head. I sat down to learn it today but it just seems to go too fast for my fingers. I can play much of it by ear but am having a hard time with the transitions.

So, I scheduled a lesson for this coming Thursday to have my teacher help me with it. I will find the money.

And, I hope to play this at the last service of our trial run, about 3 weeks from now. With another fiddle player and some percussion.

This song makes you think of the qualities of faith, no?

Oh, and before you watch, take a look at the history of this song. Pretty amazing.